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Django Facetools provides a set of features to ease development of Facecbook canvas apps in a Django project.


  • Replacement url template tag as well as the reverse function that convert an internal url into it’s facebook canvas equivalent (ex: to
  • Ability to define facebook test users, their permissions, and their initial friends per app. The management command sync_facebook_test_users lets you recreate your test users in your facebook app with one call.
  • FacebookTestCase can be used in place of Django’s TestCase. Just specify a test user’s name, much like a fixture, and the test client will mock Facebook requests to your canvas app, complete with a valid signed request for the specified test user.
  • New in version 0.2: FacebookTestCase can also have the test client’s signed request

set manually with the new set_client_signed_request method. * Integration with other facebook django packages, supporting the following (with more to come):

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